Gay Erotic Sci-Fi Romances

After their small dropship is suddenly transported far from Earth, the crew of the Swallowtail are on their own in outer space. Only three survive their first encounter with aliens, and that also separates them from each other. Noah’s determination to reunite with Ledger and Charlie brings him into each of their stories as all three of them struggle to make a life for themselves. Luckily, though they each go through hell, they also find aliens willing to support, defend, and love them.

Gay Erotic Werewolf Romances

In my Isherwood Pack series set in Southern Ohio, I explore the complications that make finding a fated mate just a little more difficult. Being stuck in wolf form when you meet a man who doesn’t know werewolves are real is tough, being forced to confront a devastating loss if you want another chance at love is heartbreaking, and discovering the fated mate who could’ve torn your relationship apart will actually bind you together more is joyous. Going through all that while battling magical men, assassins, and an egomaniac means anything is possible in Isherwood.

Gay Erotic Virgin Hero Romances

These college-age virgins are struggling with stupid mistakes, painful pasts, and devastating losses even as one sexy dream comes true after another. My Summer of Wes was the first book I wrote back in 2010 and it’s still my favorite. Dive into these contemporary tales of tentative firsts with virgins longing for love.