Christmas in the Sandbox

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“Digger?” Neal whispered into the darkness inside the temporary supply depot. With one hand, he tried to find a light switch.

This was a new spot for them. Mostly because this little building was newly erected a few days ago. Usually, they were a little farther from the bustle of the base, but maybe the late hour — or early since it was after midnight — would be to their advantage. They’d have to be quiet, though.

“Yeah,” came an already husky voice from somewhere deeper in this semi-darkness.

“Where the hell are you?” And there didn’t seem to be a light switch.

“Come find me, Moose,” he said with a definite tease to his voice. Then he giggled. Dig’d never admit to making any such sound, but the man giggled like a little girl sometimes.

“Don’t call me that, Dig.”

Neal stepped inside and secured the door, fumbling the lock only once. He’d caught sight of the rows of metal shelves and the plain, gray lockers inside this metal box from the light over the door outside, but now it was black as hell. Reaching out, he found a shelf and felt his way to the alley between two sets, guessing it’d take him back toward Dig.

“Everybody calls you Moose, so why not me? It’s the perfect name for a giant like you.”

He heard the click of a bottle opening and then the squelch of its contents coming out. Christ, was Dig in here beating off without him? He was ready to bust out of his shorts, so the man had better have plans for doing something about that, regardless of his head start.

“It’s not what you call me, so cut it out. And what are you doing in here?”

“Getting hard for you.”

That matter-of-fact answer sent a shot of lust right down his spine. Neal gasped and damn if he couldn’t smell Dig now. The ever-present scent of the dusty desert of this country clung to everything, but under it was the raw, musky aroma of a sweaty and seriously aroused man.

“Yeah?” he asked, picking up his blind pace toward everything he wanted. He only had an hour to get it and every second was going to count.

“Oh yeah.” That was definitely the sound of a slick fist sliding on a cock now. “Soon as you get back here, I’m going to give you everything I’ve got.”

“You suck at dirty talk, Dig,” he said and smiled, reaching out. He was pretty sure he was right in front of him.

“That’s not all I suck.”

A pair of hands somehow managed to latch onto his belt so accurately that it came undone in a flash and then his pants fell right down to the tops of his boots.

“Hi,” Neal said, knowing it was inane even as he said it.

“Hi,” Dig said, a smirk in his voice. His fingers now went after the buttons down Neal’s shirt. “What’s a nice boy like you doing in a place like this?”

“Hoping to get himself fucked for Christmas.” He found smooth, bare shoulders and followed them up until he could hold Dig’s face in his hands.

“Have you been good?” Dig said, undoing the last button and sliding his hands up beneath the undershirt. Neal sighed as those long fingers explored his belly.

“Real good.” He leaned in until he found Dig’s lips.

Agile fingers stroked up to his chest, pushing the material away as they kissed. Neal loved Dig’s kisses because they always started so gentle. He hadn’t spent a lot of time kissing guys — not over here in this godforsaken sandbox anyway — but those he had always seemed to go for the tongue-battling kisses. Like it was something to fight through so you could get to the good stuff.

Kissing Dig was the good stuff, and Neal never wanted to kiss anyone else.

Neal’s shirts came off while they tasted each other, breaking apart only once. He let go of Dig so he could shove his shorts down, then leaned into him and moaned. Hot, hard body to hot, hard body. Perfection.

“Love the way you feel,” Dig said between gasped breaths. His hands roamed all over Neal’s back, then down to grip his ass cheeks. Hard. “So meaty.”

Neal chuckled even as he pressed his dick into Dig’s stomach. Dig’s own dick rubbed up into his balls and teased at his crack. He moaned again and latched onto Dig’s neck. He couldn’t suck too much, so he mostly kissed and licked at the muscles and tendons he found, kind of liking the fact he had to see with his mouth.

Dig reached back and cupped his hand so his dick could rub into Neal’s ass with every thrust of their hips. He was such a damn tease.

“I’m ready for you,” Neal whispered near Dig’s ear. He was already panting. “You gotta fuck me, Digger.”

“I got to?” he said on a breathy laugh.

“Pleasepleaseplease,” he breathed into his ear and felt Dig shiver.

Dig groaned, the sound rough and kind of growly, as he took Neal’s hands and planted them on the metal of the wall. A moment later, he was walking back around behind Neal and giving his ass a swat.

“Bend. Stick this big ass out for me.”

“It ain’t that big,” Neal muttered even as he bent and stuck.

Dig let loose one of those giggles again. “Meaty.”

“Oh shut up. You’re just jealous because all you’ve got is back and legs. Ow! Quit smacking me!”

“Quit insulting the man you want to fuck you then.”

Neal smiled. “I figure you’ve got no ass because all that flesh got diverted into making that super fine, nine-incher of a cock the Good Lord gave you instead.”

He heard a snort and the tearing of a wrapper. Damn, that sound alone made his whole body giddy with anticipation.

Just before that sound of a bottle popping open, Neal heard Dig say, “Praise The Lord and pass the lube.”

He chuckled at that, then gasped when cool slick met his waiting hole. Dig pushed in a finger and it went right in deep.

“Well, well, you are ready. You got a dildo I don’t know about?”

More fingers went in as if to test him, and Neal backed up on them with a moan.

“No. I was damn near fisting myself before I came looking for you.”

“Goddamn,” he said and took his fingers back. “That would’ve been something to see.”

Neal leaned his head on his forearm against the wall as he felt that big ol’ dick start pressing into him. “Next time maybe.”

“Oh yeah.”

Dig always went slow at first. Thank God. He hadn’t been kidding about the monster the man had between his thighs. Neal wasn’t sure if Dig really was nine inches, but he probably wasn’t far off. He felt every inch as that thing slid inside him. And slid and slid until a big set of furry balls nestled up against his cheeks and Dig sighed.

As Neal took deep breaths and willed himself to relax, Dig leaned against his back, and gave him the chance to adjust to that holy-God invasion of cock. What would Dig say this time? He always had something to say.

“Well, would you look at that. There’s a private on my private.”

Neal laughed into his forearm and damn if that didn’t loosen him up head-to-toe. Dig snickered then hummed as he withdrew and came on back in.

“You’re such a dork,” Neal said, arching into another thrust.

“You — aw yeah — love it.”

“Do. Really fucking do.”

Neither one of them could say much then. Neal couldn’t do more than try not to bang into the wall when Dig really took off, those lean hips smacking into his ass. Dig babbled like Dig always did, nonsense and grunts spilling out of him. Neal liked the pounding, but it was the—

“Oh fuck yeah!” he couldn’t help hollering when Dig pressed up tight and just ground into him. That was what he really loved. Stretched, filled and rubbed just right, it had him sweating and moaning and aching to come.

Then Dig wrapped his fist around Neal’s cock and started pulling. A loud whine left him before he could bite it back and he found himself clawing at the wall like a cat. Damn. He was a total slut for this man’s cock up his ass and his fist tugging him right over the edge.

With a grunt instead of a scream since he had his mouth clapped behind his hands, Neal came hard, hearing burst after burst of cum hitting the metal wall. Dig just held onto Neal’s quaking cock while his hips went back to a fast, graceless pounding. Then Dig came with a groan muffled by Neal’s shoulder.

They panted like that for a while, then Dig took a step back and Neal sighed with his leaving. He heard the snap of latex before a little smack of the condom landing on the concrete floor. He made a note to make sure they found it before they left.

A quiet click off to his left had him looking over. Dig had a flashlight face down on a shelf. It was just enough light to see by as Dig moved back in between Neal and the wall. Neal took a moment to smile at him and admire the flushed face, bright blue eyes, and satisfied grin of the soldier he loved before he wrapped his arms around Dig and got an equally tight hug in return.

“Merry Christmas, Nealy-baby.”

He gave him a kiss on his ear for finally getting to hear the name only Dig called him. It really didn’t matter where they spent the holidays so long as they were together.

“Merry Christmas, Virgil. Ow! What? It’s your—”

The rest was muffled by a kiss.