The Door Into Spring

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Two weeks ago, I discovered a set of stairs built into the hall closet’s ceiling. I’d had to use a box cutter to slice the layers of white paint along the edges before I could pull down the folding staircase. The door above them looked like a square version of a boat’s hatch, complete with a round wheel that sealed it closed.

Since there was nothing above us but the roof, I couldn’t imagine why someone needed access from our apartment. That paint I’d had to cut through made me think this door hadn’t been opened in a lot of years, so what was really up there?

Prepared for a possible avalanche of debris, I pushed up the hatch. A few drops of water from the recent spring rainstorm dotted my sleeves, and a couple crisp, brown leaves fluttered to the steps and floor. Climbing higher, pushing the door as I went, I poked my head out to look around.

“A garden!” I exclaimed to no one and smiled delightedly. “A real rooftop garden.”

It looked ancient and untended, but that so didn’t matter at all. Through the tangle of old vines and withered vegetation I spotted a wide trellis arched above a bench, small saplings clinging to moss, and at least twenty pots overflowing with season after neglected season of flowering plants. As I wandered around, I saw the potential for a little extra slice of paradise.

Extra because I already had paradise here with Wes. We had created a wonderful life together in the past eight months. Both of us were in school and doing well. I had a part-time job at a nearby home entertainment store in their computer repair division. As we had time, Wes and I both worked on the cars Wes wanted to restore. In between all of that, we were so domestic and comfortable it felt like we’d been living together our whole lives already. And, oh, going to bed with Wes every night, waking up to him every morning… I felt completely spoiled and blessed for being able to have him in my life.

So much so that I wanted to fix this rooftop garden up and give it to him.

I took reference photos on my phone of every pot, close-ups of the trellis and bench, and more shots of various areas that looked like they weren’t quite right—clogged drains, curled roof tarp, and the places moss grew. I wasn’t sure what I could repair or what I would need to ask property management to do, but I was determined to revive the whole place.

Thankfully, aside from learning to prune properly, I didn’t have to do too much that might test whether my thumb was green or not. Most of the plants were perennials, which I learned meant they’d come back on their own every season. A few weren’t, and their pots had been taken over by weeds and a few of the perennials whose seeds probably got transferred by birds or the wind. Those pots I was able to “re-imagine” with advice from the gardening store people, and actually did some planting of my own.

I’d had no idea dirt under my fingernails could feel like triumph. Man versus nature and I was winning? I didn’t know, but I was up there losing myself in green plants and little flower buds every time I was alone at the apartment.

After cleaning up the wisteria vines climbing the trellis and replacing the bench, I was ready to bring Wes up. Or the space was ready since I was a twitchy mass of nervous hope. I knew he’d like it, figured he’d be really pleased that I’d done it all, but I wanted him to love it, adore it, as much as I did. I wanted him to see the wonderland like I did so I wouldn’t be the only silly fairy flitting around in it.

“Since we both have the whole day free,” Wes said over breakfast on Saturday, “I thought we’d work on Jake.”

Jake was the car we’d started once Ted was finished and sold at auction.

When all I did was gulp and blink, Wes squinted at me and offered, “Or we could go see that movie you wanted to catch while it’s still in the theater.”

“Um, no,” I managed, then cleared my throat. “I have a, um… A surprise for you. Actually. Something I’ve, uh, been working on. For you.”

His eyebrows went up and he grinned. “Yeah? It have something to do with why you sometimes smell earthy and why the hall closet door is locked now?”

I was stunned. I thought I’d been so careful to wash up before he came home. Okay, a few times he’d caught me in the shower, but I’d thought the naked fun time had distracted him from wondering why I was in there. Should’ve known he’d discover the locked door eventually. We’d been talking about using that closet for storage because the closet closer to the front door held all our coats and boots.

“So what’s in the closet, Mal?” he asked in his rumbly voice.

I smirked at him. Obviously, he was expecting something sexy. He had been getting laid a lot more than usual lately, after all.

Taking his hand, I led Wes over to the door, then used the old metal key to unlock it. I put the key back in my pocket while gesturing for him to open the door. I enjoyed the bewildered expression on his face when all he saw was a small, bare, white room. I pointed up.

“Pull the stairs down. That rope there.”

I could see the curious excitement in his smile and how his green eyes lit up with possibilities while he pulled the stairs down from the ceiling to find the door. I’d cleaned it up and changed my mind several times over whether to paint it, and I was glad now that I’d finally decided to leave it gunmetal gray since it was so mysterious. Wes didn’t seem to know what to make of it as he stood looking up at it.

“Go on,” I said. “Turn the wheel and push up.”

He gave me a fast kiss that was little more than banging our lips together, making me laugh while I watched him climb up and open the door. I had a moment of wishing I’d gone up first so I could better see his face, but I also liked that he’d get to experience it all himself, like I had the first time.

“Oh my God,” I heard him whisper as he slowly climbed out to stand on the roof. I went up, already feeling fantastic for the wonder I heard in his voice.

I stood beside him, facing him, while he gazed over the whole space. Tears built in my eyes because I could see them building in his. He loved our rooftop garden. He really did.

When he turned to me, I stood up on my toes and lifted my arms. Wes swooped in and grabbed me into a tight hug, the kind that molded us together, wrapped around each other.

“It’s beautiful, baby,” he said, his voice rough. “You did all this?”

“I cleaned it up and planted some new things. I don’t know how long it’s been here—the property management people had even forgotten about it—but it just needed some help coming back to life.”

Wes squeezed me, and then eased back to cradle my face in his hands. There was a tear track down his cheek and his eyes were so very bright green, like the new leaves all around us.

“You are so amazing,” he whispered before he kissed me all sweet and slow. “This is… God, I just don’t have words.” He slid an arm around my shoulders and tucked me in close to his side. As he returned to looking over the space, he said, “Tell me everything.”

We wandered down the little paths, and I told him all about what I’d done and learned. I pointed out the plants I knew by name now, explained how to care for them, and couldn’t help talking about all the wonderful people at the garden store.

Finally, I led him over to the new bench under the trellis where the wisteria was starting to flourish, and we looked at all the photos I’d taken throughout the project. He was impressed with how much it had changed and made me feel so proud for what I’d done.

“Here,” I eventually said and gave Wes the key. “This is yours.”

He held it on his palm. “Mine?”

“I did all this for you.”

He closed his eyes, swallowed hard, and put the key in his pocket. When he looked at me again, his chin wobbled a tiny bit and his eyes looked glassy. “I love you, Mal.”

I could only nod, feeling overwhelmed too, and pulled him into a kiss. Lips gently sipping, we touched each other tenderly. He traced my cheekbone; I caressed the line of his jaw. When he wound an arm around my waist to pull me closer, our sweet kiss gave way to deeper tastes.

Wanting nearer still, I moved over him and straddled his lap. He moaned into my mouth, tongue delving, and gripped my hips in his big hands. I loved kissing Wes. It was one of my favorite things.

When we parted for breath, my hands holding his face, he looked up at me with eyes that just sparkled in the soft spring light.

“You and me, Mal, we’ll take care of this place all year long. Have dinner parties up here, watch fireworks, just listen to the city. We’ll get one of those fire pits on a stand to keep us warm when it gets cold so we can be out here all year round.”

“Could use that now,” I said with a grin, loving how he planned out loud. It was only about seventy today, not a lot of sunshine, and a steady, shiver-inducing breeze.

Wes’s excited expression turned lecherous as he slid his hands up under my shirt and along the prickled skin of my sides. “I’ll warm you up, baby,” he said, that inspiring rumble to his voice. He circled my nipples with his fingers, and my breath quietly stuttered out of me.

I speared my fingers into his dense hair and massaged his scalp, tilting his head back. He grinned up at me, then waggled his tongue and made me laugh. I swooped in to kiss him again, dirtier this time.

How far could we go up here? Could anyone see us? When he scraped his thumbnails over my nipples and wrenched a grunt of sharp pleasure from my throat, I wasn’t so sure I cared whether we could be seen from neighboring windows.

Definitely didn’t care about someone seeing us when Wes pushed up my shirt so he could reach my chest with his mouth now. Moaning from the sensation of his lips and teeth on my nipples, I pressed into the touch and held his head. I rubbed my face in his hair, loving the scent of his citrus shampoo and the feel of his permanently kinked-up, wavy locks on my cheeks and lips.

When holding my shirt out of his way made him growl in frustration, I took it over my head so it was still on my arms but my chest and back were bare all the way up to my shoulders. His fingers bit into the muscles of my back as his mouth sucked hard on a nipple already getting oh so sensitive. I instinctively flinched away, but he wouldn’t let me, holding me still while I moaned instead.

Restlessly, I gripped his hair and scraped fingernails up and down the back of his neck. When he switched nipples, the rush of cool air on one and his hot mouth on the other sent a pulse of desperate need down between my legs. I ached, and the thought of getting up, going inside, to take this further was way too much time spent away from Wes’s mouth and body.

“Wes,” I said and tried to reach around him to undo my jeans. “Wes, I need out. I have to—” He bit, and I only managed to rub at my cock, still trapped inside jeans and briefs. “Oh, God, Wes.”

When he lifted his head, my chest was throbbing right along with my dick. Spring air and seeing the redness of his lips made me shiver. I so loved this man’s mouth. I leaned down and kissed him only to moan into his mouth with such gratitude when I felt his fingers working my pants open for me.

I lifted my head to gasp, hands fisting his T-shirt at his shoulders, because it felt so good to have his warm hands on my cock and balls. Looking down, I watched him as he played with my foreskin, his favorite toy. His endless fascination with stretching it and making it slide over and around my glans, coating it in precum, was just marvelous for me. So many sensations! Add to it how he fondled and gently tugged and pinched at my sac, slid a teasing finger back behind it, and I was just gone on the erotic touch of his wicked fingers.

“Hold on, baby,” he said in that sexy voice as he let me go and attacked his own fly. A few quick tugs and each metal button popped free to let him fall out, stiff and curved up. He left his balls half hidden inside the V of his open jeans because he liked the pressure on them. I tightened my thighs on either side of his, giving him an extra squeeze. I smiled, biting my bottom lip, as he groaned up at me.

“Wanna dock?” I asked and scooted back in case the answer was positive.

“Oh fuck, yeah.” He looked down and lined us up.

The first time had almost been an accident, the two of us just teasing each other when I slid my fist up and pushed my foreskin over the head of my dick and onto the head of his. He’d fallen in lust with cock-docking immediately, though neither of us had known what to call it until we found some amateur porn. Wes now loved to point our dicks at each other and fist us like he was stroking one long shaft. Even fully erect, like now, my skin could still slip over me to hug the whole head of his cock.

“So good,” he said while looking down as he pumped his fist over us. “Just that much and it feels so goddamn good.”

I held still, let him watch and stroke, while I bit and licked at my lips and stared up at the trellis above us. The wisteria vines were already creeping along, new leaves growing. Soon, it would be lush and dark green, dripping with sweet-smelling purple flowers looking like bunches of grapes. And I wanted to make love with Wes when it was, be surrounded by nature while we shuddered and clutched and moaned at each other.

I trembled from a sudden breeze snapping against my bare torso and making my skin feel like it tightened that much more. “Close,” I said, looking down again and gasping when Wes picked up the pace. His hand was a blur as it flew across our cocks; that fast tug was seconds from getting me off.

“C’mon, baby. Slick me up.”

He loved that too, having me shoot cum all over his cock while we were locked together. Swore it felt like I filled his dick sometimes before he shot it back at me. All I could think of was a pair of water guns spraying each other, and that made me laugh breathlessly every time, including now.

So I was chuckling when my orgasm rolled heat through me. Chuckling until my whole body seized up and stole my breath and I felt pulse after pulse of release make my cock throb in Wes’s hand. Blinking, determined to see it, I opened my eyes and watched Wes’s hand squeeze and roll our cockheads inside my foreskin. The intense sensation of that made me twitch and whine, my fingers biting into his shoulders. When he jerked, gasped, and came too, there was a mess of cum everywhere on both of us and his jeans. It made me grin while I slumped against him, my face in his thick mane of hair.

“Always so good,” he whispered hoarsely. He kept up a slick, gentle glide along our cocks while he also slowly caressed my back.

“Mm-hmm.” It really was. We were definitely fantastic together.

When I was just edging toward too sensitive, like he knew, Wes gently tucked all of me back into my briefs. I stayed leaning against him, petting his hair and shoulder, while I felt his hands moving around between us, probably readjusting himself now. We should go inside, clean up, but I couldn’t really care much right then.

Well, until another shiver-inducing wind slapped at my bare back.

“The weather needs to warm up in a hurry,” I groused as I sat back and pulled my shirt on properly.

“Says the guy who flips the A/C on as soon as it hits eighty.”

I shrugged. “So I have a very small window of temperature perfection. If it was about ten degrees warmer right now, I’d strip down and we could start all over.”

He grinned at me as I got off his lap and stretched, stomping more blood back into my slightly cramped legs.

“You should probably talk to your friends at the garden store about something a little more concealing if you want naked sex on the roof, honey.” He pointed behind me.

I turned to look and saw a woman in a dress standing in a window across the street. She waved.

With a very birdlike squawk to even my own ears, I covered my groin where my red briefs bulged out from my jeans and sprinted toward the hatch to get back inside. Oh my God. How embarrassing!

Wes’s bubbly laugh, the one that said he was completely tickled, preceded him as I scrambled down the ladder. I looked up from the floor of the closet to see him smiling down at me. At least he’d done up his jeans.

“It’s really too late to be shy now, babe.” He chuckled when I gave him the finger. “Did you think no one would notice?” He started coming down the ladder, pausing to close the hatch above him.

“I didn’t want to see evidence of anyone watching.” Because I might’ve ignored it, but it was obviously possible someone might. “You think she’ll call the cops?”

He snorted as he got to the bottom of the ladder. “And ruin her chances of getting to watch next time? Nope, not her.”

I covered my closed eyes with a hand as my face flushed. Wes crowded me into the doorframe, and I just knew he was grinning.

“You were beautiful, Mal,” he whispered in my ear with his rumbly voice.

I sighed and dropped my hand, pressing my palm to his chest, over his heart. “I’ll talk to someone about a gazebo or one of those beach cabana thingies.”

His chuckle then was wicked as well as triumphant. “Always knew you had a little kink for sex in public places.”

“You’re the one with nature-themed fantasies.”

There was a reason a garden had been the perfect gift for him. He was always making out with me in parks and his parents’ backyard. Remembering the blowjob under the tree in the far corner of it while they were home could still make me blush.

“Then it looks like both of us are going to enjoy our beautiful new rooftop garden.” He leaned away enough to cradle my face in his hands. “Thank you again, Mal. It’s wonderful and I love it.”

His words made me beam a smile at him and feel all toasty inside.

I took his hands and led him out of the closet and toward the bathroom. “Let’s clean up, have some dinner, and then go buy that fire-pit thing you mentioned. We can cuddle up and watch the city tonight.”

“Remember to bring a blanket up,” he said and waggled his eyebrows.

I pretended to groan as I tugged him into the bathroom because, yeah, I’d do naughty things with him under that blanket and beneath the black sky with the scent of our garden just springing to life all around us. Yes, I would.