A Husband for Santa Claus

Toliver Braun’s life has been falling apart ever since he slept with Santa Claus.

Fired with his pants still around his ankles for accidentally using his boss’s office for a private party, Toliver should be making plans for how to survive unemployment through the holidays. Instead, he can’t resist indulging by taking a very willing Santa home with him.

That night turns into several more, and though the sex is phenomenal, Toliver’s losing everything. What is he supposed to do now that he has no job, car, or home? The only thing he has going for him is his Santa, but that can’t possibly last while Toliver’s life is a mess.

Or maybe that’s what Fate has planned.

Reviews:Joelle M on Amazon wrote:

Could this book be any sweeter? Or funnier? Or more adorable? Nope and I'm so glad. I loved Toliver's attraction with Santa and his sweet friendship with Sara. I loved sexy North and his obsession with drawing Toliver. I loved how the family business tied into the story and brought both of them together. This is an all-around feel good story with some pretty steamy sex tossed in.

Anne on Amazon wrote:

North and Toliver are perfect for one another, Sara makes an excellent best friend, and the Santa-bringing-gifts story that Missy Welsh came up with is really lovely. So much better than train sets and bicycles under the tree. Add to that the clever plot point of Fate’s intervention, and you have yourself a merry little Christmas...romance, perfect for any time of year!

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