Isherwood Pack Book 1

Cas Maine seeks refuge in the small town of Isherwood after walking all night. He’s tired, hungry, and desperate for the acceptance and safety he had in his birth pack…before they discovered he was gay. But crossing into town forces him to shift into his wolf form and he’s unable to shift back. Which is when he finds his true mate, a human named Finn Webb.

Finn thinks he’s just adopted a stray dog and feels like his life might be taking a turn for the better. Business is lousy in a town that’s drying up, but it’s home and he’s determined to stick things out for the sake of his employees. Finn has no idea that his “dog” is a man who’s going to change his life forever.

With disappearances, creepy vets, and wolves who talk, Finn and Cas have to learn how to live together while solving the trouble that’s been plaguing Isherwood for two years.

Reviews:Vanessa on Amazon wrote:

This was an absolutely unique and mesmerizing read. It's a different take on werewolves [...]. [...] The author definitely has a very vivid and enchanting writing style. There were moments when I was laughing out loud and moments when I had tears (happy tears too) which says a lot about the execution of the story. [...] The characters were compelling and the book ended with another couple's point of view, which I definitely appreciated. This book had me totally enthralled.

Anne Shure on Amazon wrote:

At first glance, this book may seem like a typical fated-mate werewolf tale, but there are elements that set it apart. Due to some unique circumstances, Cas meets his human mate, Finn, when he’s in wolf form. Thankfully, he looks to Finn like a stray dog, so Cas is able to observe his mate for a bit before meeting him as human, and some of their early moments together are priceless.

Diane Allen on Amazon wrote:

I liked the different perspective the author took with shifter stories, the idea of latent abilities in people and why they may or may not shift, or could be alphas and all, it was a very interesting angle, which is another reason I hope there will be more books to come!

Content warning: abduction (on-page), animal attack (on-page), cult survivor.

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