Jenner’s Needs

Dominant Viktor can't forget the hate crime that nearly killed his husband and submissive, Jenner. After months of helping Jenner recover from the debilitating injuries, Viktor can't go back to being the master who gives his boy pain.

But Jenner has needs. Needs that brought him to first seek out a master like Viktor. Jenner's recovered physically and mentally from a terrible beating and needs to return his relationship with his Dom to where it should be.

Tonight, Jenner's act of rebellion to get what he and Viktor need is their last chance to save their relationship. Can they do it?

Reviews:Brooks50 on Amazon wrote:

Really excellent story about a sub and his master reconnecting after a trauma. Wonderful writing as usual from this author!

Author's Note

This was my response to so many books where the dominant person in the relationship is always infallible. Well, Viktor doesn't have all the answers and he needs his lover's help to get them through what happened. To me, this seems far more believable than someone who's never wrong or uncertain.

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