In the future, KLT23 has been genetically engineered to be the perfect man and perfect soldier. He is a secret government agency’s ultimate success story with his strength, stamina, and intelligence. KLT23 has been exceeding expectations from the very beginning…until he developed an illness his doctors can’t identify, let alone cure. If they don’t do something soon, KLT23 will die.

Sergeant Horatio Muir only knows about KLT23 what he’s seen from his observation area and the few words they’ve exchanged when he brings the super soldier his meals. But that hasn’t stopped Muir from developing a soft spot for the innocent man he watches every day. That KLT23’s illness might kill him plagues Muir…until one of the doctors comes up with the theory that KLT23 needs to get laid to release the chemicals necessary to re-balance his system.

Fuck or die? Pass the lube.

Reviews:Jen Caldwell on Amazon wrote:

Missy has this incredible talent of turning me on and writing an entertaining story. This isn't always as easy as it sounds. She writes erotically but with enough heart and story that she has quickly become one of my must read authors. I love her books.

castonrgc on Amazon wrote:

Great story. I love all Missy Welsh books. This story about a genetically engineered human and a soldier is sweet and naughty at the same time. Read this one it will not disappoint.

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