My Summer of Wes

Malcolm Small has lived a sheltered life with parents who don't seem to care about him. Now, during the summer between high school graduation and going away to college, Mal wants to take control of his life and make some improvements...starting with making a new friend.

Wes, the boy across the street, quickly becomes both friend and a sort of mentor to Mal. With Wes's patient guidance and example, Mal's breaking free of his life-long shy shell and taking chances.

Mal is also feeling free enough to start listening to the tiny voice inside him that whispers his attraction to Wes. After years of denying it, could Mal be gay after all?

Self-acceptance comes easy for Mal with Wes by his side. What about telling Mal's parents? What about being out at college? Mal's about to undergo some very challenging times as he grows up fast and must decide what he'll stand for and against.

Reviews:Lauren Prouty on Amazon wrote:

I loved this book and it certainly has put Missy Welsh on my radar for good reads. It was a great story of two guys, one who's been out and one who is just discovering himself. Two great guys coming together - a few misunderstandings but nothing they couldn't fix. A sweet, lovely story. I also felt the dialogue was fresh and not the same old same old. I would highly recommend.

Amazon Customer on Amazon (Canada) wrote:

This was such a great little read, tackles everything from denial , bullying, homophobia and acceptance . Mature enough to capture older readers and fluffy enough to keep younger readers wanting to see what happens next. And also an unbelievably cute relationship

Donald Fisher on Amazon wrote:

It does get better. Being from a small mid western town it is fun to follow Mal's journey and wish we all would have neighbors like Wes and his family.

Content warning: parental abuse (on-page) and violent bullying (on-page and remembered).

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