Isherwood Pack Book 2

Varick Ward spent two years trapped as a wolf before pledging himself to Isherwood Pack. Since then, he's been slowly regaining a real life despite keeping his past pains to himself.

When the king of werewolves invites the pack to Romania for an official introduction, Varick goes because protecting his alpha pair is his job. Right away, things go sideways. They're barely through the doors of the castle where the king's pack lives when a man attacks— Or wait. Is he trying to protect Varick from everyone else? Like the dominant partner in a mate bond would?

Though the new couple is meant to be in isolation while they bond, ghosts from Varick's past are plotting against the people he now calls family. Circumstances separate them and danger hovers on the edge of town, but can these two persevere and secure their second chances at love?

Reviews:T. Walters on Amazon wrote:

"I really liked reading about Varick and Luca. They seem like an unlikely couple but for them it works. [...] I love that they are able to get to know each other and discuss whether they want what has happened or not. It was great seeing how they interact with one another and the pack around them. They have a fun connection and lots of fun finding out what their dynamic is going to be and where they will live their lives. [...] I can't wait for more from this pack and the wolves that they call friends."

Diane on Amazon wrote:

"I loved seeing these two get their second chance at an HEA. But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, someone is out to kill the alphas and there is a race to find out who is behind it before it’s too late."

Content Warning: Violent death of a loved one (not on-page, but described after the fact).

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