The Bright In Dark

His memory taken by a near-death experience, “Jack” knows only a few things for certain and one of them is that Luke saved his life. Luke is a kind, gentle, young man—a painter—and he makes Jack feel safe and peaceful in ways he’s pretty sure he didn’t know in his life before Luke.

​But Luke deserves a man who knows who he is. And he especially deserves a man who can definitely remember whether or not he’s guilty of being a murderer on the run. Jack should go and stop complicating Luke's life, but oh how he wants to stay.

Reviews:Julia Mae on Amazon wrote:

This lovely novelette does exactly what you want a romance to do: captures you with the opening, gives you great characters and a satisfying ending. I loved the setting, remote, romantic, a place to cozy up for the winter. I want to go there! You can.

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