Warrior Mine

Destination Lost Book 3

Warrior Mine (Destination Lost Book 3) by Missy Welsh
Part of the Destination Lost series:

A routine mission from the Mars Colony to Earth ends in the five-man crew of the Swallowtail having been transported to the other side of the galaxy. Met with hostility, captured, and tortured simply for being Human, the three survivors hold little hope for their futures.

Charles Dunkirk is far away from the offices of Aviation Corporation now. Pressed into service as a sex slave on a space ship full of lion-like aliens, Charlie's simply trying to stay sane. When he's offered a chance at protection, there's not much left he won't do to survive.

Captain Makull Ihara has slowly discovered he chose to fight for the wrong side. Already looking to change his path, he receives further proof of the right course when fate hands him a Human mate. Their only choice now is to surrender.

Meanwhile, thousands of Humans are suffering throughout the galaxy and what Makull knows might be their only salvation. Will Makull and Charlie join forces to save them?

Reviews:Spacix on Amazon (Canada) wrote:

Charlie is great in this, really strong. Despite the pain of what he has gone through and the fact that his life has been turned inside out, he still is willing to fight for himself. At first that means throwing in his lot with one of the very aliens he hates, but Charlie does what he needs to get himself safe. At the same time, Charlie is shocked to find that this new alien, Makull, seems to want his safety too. As trust turns to affection and love the story blossoms. When Charlie comes out of his situation he is stronger than before and willing to fight for what he believes in.

Anne Shure on Amazon wrote:

This book, which centers around Charlie’s story, is a great addition to the series. Mikull was likeable from almost the beginning, which isn’t always the case in books where there’s a captor/slave component; his devotion to Charlie was evident from their first encounter, and grew over time. Charlie took some persuading, but he got there eventually. I especially loved Mikull’s phonetic translations of Charlie’s dialogue before they were able to understand each other’s language.

Content warning: dubious consent (on-page)

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