Your Biggest Fan

Self-Discovery Book 1

Your Biggest Fan by Missy Welsh
Part of the Self-Discovery series:


Not long ago, Truman Durant was outed to his parents, disowned, and forced to live in his battered pickup truck. Only knowing he was already accepted to the local university kept Truman from giving up completely. Now he fiercely guards his sexuality from everyone who knows him, wanting only to achieve financial stability through a degree and a job. He refuses to be homeless again, so not even his fraternity brothers know who he really is...or why he has a trunk full of lingerie and dresses. Truman won't risk any kind of exposure, not even for love.

Stasi Manolis is only a few steps out of the closet himself, but it's been a good so far. His large Greek family is trying, and he's grateful for every effort they make to modernize their thinking. He's out on campus and living in the gay fraternity, making friends and sharing benefits. The one guy who keeps catching Stas's attention is a gorgeous long-haired blond who plays baseball, wears reading glasses, and seems very lonely. While his tactics aren't the smoothest, Stasi doesn't hold back when he's after something he wants...and he wants Truman.


Neither guy is truly prepared to deal with the other, but with a little open-mindedness and patience, they're going to try to make a secret relationship work. But secrets have a way of coming out and some people aren't willing to tolerate let alone accept what they don't understand. Will Truman lose everything for a second time, or will he have the strength to stand up for his rights now that Stasi's by his side?

Reviews:QUEERcentric Books on Amazon wrote:

I loved Truman! Oh my Gawd my heart BROKE for him on the very first page! I read about what his life was like up to when I met him and I just wanted to pick him up and hold him. [...] I was snarling at my Kindle saying, “There is NOTHING wrong with you Truman! Your amazing the way you are!” Yeah, I was pro-Truman immediately. His secret made him feel good about himself, made him happy for a fleeting moment. I’m so glad he met Stasi. Stasi kinda blew into Truman’s life like a horny tornado. He relentlessly pursued Truman and in their few encounters got an idea of the person Truman was and wanted to get to know more. So he followed him and discovered Truman’s secret love of lace. Even though essentially Stasi isn’t sure about being into Truman’s dainty wear, he gives it a go because he cares. Stasi showing up when he did really saved Truman.

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